Monday, April 04, 2011 @1:58 PM

real talk

hey you guys wanna try this website out!?
looks pretty fantastic!
let me know!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011 @8:56 PM

i always hope that ruth, ben n dave is on fb chat, msn watsoever so we can catch up...

Thursday, February 03, 2011 @12:14 PM

oh the surprises!

mr goony: good luck v ur fri intterview

me: yes thank u
i appreciate it ah goon
btw hows ur lover doing?

mr goony:lover?

me: sp.. come on dont lie

mr goony: cb
i noe u're gonna say her
she's in kampung nw
i hv a lover nw

me: u are lying!

mr goony:hahaha
at work wan la
wat bout u
any lover

me: u have a GIRLFRIEND!!?!?!?!??!

mr goony: well
not yet
but i think soon
dont know wat's the girl thinking
she said like me
but coz of the age diff
btween us

monologue: cheehhh i was gonna update this live as he is telling me asking u BMC's in Malaysia to investigate but i guess it is not true anyways.. oh well this post is still going up. i still think ah goon and suat puoi make a great romantic couple!

Monday, January 31, 2011 @1:16 PM

and presenting to you ms angelina ruth!

Sunday, January 30, 2011 @11:41 AM

benny boi and i at scooters Nebraska!

Monday, January 24, 2011 @3:32 AM

a New Year! 2011!

good day everyone!
its 2011! we've been out of high school for so long already. we're all in a different place in our lives now. first of all! HAPPY NEW YEAR! even though it has been 23 days into the year.
2011 holds so much promises for me. i clearly remember the feeling i had standing in KLIA the day of my departure to the US in 2007. it was like i could do anything!
i finally got to see the family after bout 3 years. which is just incredible. we went to disneyworld and miami and they were in Los angeles! new york was cancelled cause of the snow storm! pfft!
and now that im graduated, i feel the exact same way, except im stil waiting on my visa to be approved so that i can start work. and to say that it has been frustrating is an understatement!
but anyways, here's to another year of our friendship. im taking an 8 hour road trip to visit ben and ruth this friday. the lil girl is turning 21 this year... geez we're getting old! but it should be a great time!
im hoping to do loads of travellign this year, in the summer i'll be heading to eastern europe to go to macedonia, croatia then to turkey ;) :). i've applied for jobs in california and florida and am now just waiting to hear back from my visa before i decide on a place. and finally im looking at travelling back home to malaysia for a month in december through mid of january.
well i have to run now. there is an american football match going on between the chicago bears and green bay packers and my allegiance to the packers is a default by being in Wisconsin- home of the packers. i dont really watch football but theres agroup of my friends who are going to gather to watch it and any excuse to take my mind off studying for the law school exam is appreciated :)
aight folks. hope to hear from you soon and thank you for the congratulations suat puoi! good luck with your exams! and enjoy being home!

Friday, January 14, 2011 @3:02 AM

hello from curry land

omg, its been so long i last updated..
i m panicking and stressed..
2molo is my final year part 1 final exam..
and i m so screwed..
so much to study, and so little time left.. infact, its no time left..
and i noe i sud be studying rite now.. but my head is juz too tired and empty.
i m not prepared , i m so worried and i m scared..
fark, i really hate exams

ps: congradulation to ray n dave on their graduation..
i wan mine too ;(

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 @8:42 PM

Hello from Melbourne!!

Hey guys...once again i miss u guys so much..

Just a quick hello and short update from Melbourne. Been really busy juggling work, uni and more work. Anyhoos, finishing uni in a week time, just had my 1st paper and 2 more to go then I'm free...for life.

As I remember we took an oath together few yrs back to attend each BMC graduation. I guess that's not happening eh?

As you might have heard, I won an ipad for my exclusive work at Burberry. I've also rejected a job opportunity to Hong Kong as I love this country too much. And oh, I also applied as a contestant in Masterchef Australia to cook my ass off :)

Meanwhile, not much on my love life so don't bother asking.

love u kids!!

@11:56 AM

will the real BMC bitch please stand up? :)

hello bitches,
And although we're all miles apart,
I cant wait for us to reunite in the near future.. soon i tell myself.

In the meantime, i ran into a freaking fire extinguisher box in the library not too long before im typing this. i got out of my seat and was reading a text on my phone when BAM i ran into the metallic box.. the girl sitting there burst out laughing. i laughed too. but GOSH SOOOOOOOOOO EMBARASSSINGGGGGGGGGGGG!! i stayed outside for 20 minutes talking to a friend and have now relocated within the library.

Im about a month and a half away from graduation! holy freaking crap! aww i wish i could see you all at my graduation. that would be a sweet ass gift!

There's been to many deaths that has been happening here lately. just last week a friend committed suicide by putting a gun to his head. People give up too easily. So i swear if any of you contemplate suicide. I am going to personally whoop your ass! :)

well just a quick short update from wisconsin. lots of love kiddos!

Thursday, September 30, 2010 @12:03 AM

1 man 1 jar

you guys remember 2girls1cup and all the reaction videos to it right?
still makes me want to vomit if i ever see it again. but anyhoos here's another vid thats really not for the faint hearted.
here's a reaction video and a prelude- if i may, before you venture on to the real thing.

now for the real video, go on ahead and type in www.1man1jar.com

oh and if you realy havent seen 2girls1 cup..here's a link i so kindly got for you. http://www.videophenomena.com/2-girls-1-cup/

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 @3:04 PM

preservation of friends.

guys this feels weird. this feeling of knowing youre so close to another stage of your life. big changes has happened to each one of us these past four years. new scene, new acquaintances, basically a new life and with all changes, we learn to adapt. first the awkward observation, where everything stands out in such great contrast.. and then with time, comes a feeling of belonging. when you claim a place to be yours. even if its just a driveway- the street you live on. seeing it everyday, the changing of seasons from winter to fall, and then once youve seen it all- it sorta just disappears into the background. then knowing you'll be leaving a place for good to move on kinda makes all the old..new again. you start to take notice again thinking it would be your last glance, last memory you'll capture of a place as you try to piece each picture with a nostalgic memory that you can look back and reminisce on.

fast forward a few months. youre in a new place again. feeling the inevitable strangers vibe. youre taken out of your element and living on your own now. the rent is due, the car needs gas, work is caling at 8 in the morning every day. you come home ..and maybe now you own a dog. an added responsibility. some people have never learned to live by themselves. there's something rather precious about feeling the loneliness of being by yourself with no one around. you learn to appreciate the silence and to live in it. i've always felt silence is good for reflection and growth. wont you agree?

years go by and now youre back at where you were initially, paying a visit to old friends. the place has changed, maybe more buildings have been erected. your friends theyve changed too. they wrinkle and may now already have kids of their own. you find some of them might turn out to like people of the same sex. some of your friends are now rich, some poorer than when they were in college. the diversity within us. the strangers feel resurfaces. and it happens again within the next few hours of talking. from strangers the unknown become known, now you feel like family again. you build upon past memory, you build new memories. you own this memories that now belong to you.

and so you see where im getting at, this need to belong, to make something your own. i guess this quasi-dramatic post is to remind myself and if at all, the BMC readers that we shouldnt fear change because its only a matter of time before it all will make sense and like good wine, good friendships improve better with age. shall i compare thee to a glass of wine?

im ready to move on to wherever the future takes me.

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